Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and pledge to be transparent about the information we collect and how it is used. We strive to use the most secure data security tools to keep the data safe.

Our primary purpose for collecting data is to improve your experience with Gidjit and provide superior performance in home automation functionality

What information does Gidjit collect?

  • Apps names and identifiers of Apps we are currently unable to launch. We collect this info so that we can better your experience by having as many apps as possible launchable, when your panels are detected. This information is completely anonymous as we do not require any login information to use the app.

What information does Gidjit not collect?

  • We do not require any login information or store any personal information about yourself.
  • We do not collect any data about your home and personal devices and how they are used.
  • We do not collect any type of data that is not mentioned above.

The data that is collected is not shared for any commercial or marketing purpose. It is collected and stored anonymously and securley using industry-standard methods.