Device Interface and Smart Launcher

Gidjit is both a Device Interface and Smart Launcher that scans your surroundings looking for home and personal electronic devices in addition to other components like times and your location. Once devices and components are detected, they are displayed within the Gidjit App allowing a user to quickly perform actions like open an app and/or control a device.

Launch and Organize Actions/Apps

Gidjit is like having a home screen that filters your apps based on your surroundings.

Gidjit allows you to create launcher panels that become available based on discovered devices, network, location, time of day, and activity. You can add actions to the launcher panels to open apps like Pandora, call wife, text boss, and many more.

Detect and Control Devices

Gidjit puts your device control in one location.

  • Gidjit can detect thousands of devices. This includes home devices (ex. HomeKit, Nest), personal (ex. FitBit, Fuelband), office (printers), and more. Gidjit scans your environment and presents the detected devices within the Gidjit App. The devices are then displayed individually within launcher panels.
  • Gidjit is great for managing and discovering your HomeKit Devices. Simply install your HomeKit device and then view and control with Gidjit. You can control devices like sockets, lights, and thermostats.
  • Gidjit allows you to perform basic control/monitoring of the devices and launch the manufacturers apps when detected. Some of these basic controls include the ability to check/change the temperature of your Nest Thermostat, turning on/off smart plugs and sockets.

Launch apps via QuickView

QuickView is a one-swipe and click home screen short cut!

QuickView is an extension included in the app that displays your favorite detected launcher panels within the today section of Notification Center. When you swipe down from the top of your screen QuickView will begin scanning your surroundings. It will then present a list of up to four detected favorite launcher panels where you can launch their corresponding actions. Please make sure QuickView is enabled from Notification Center first.

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